Chamton Online is a complete e-commerce website that puts you in complete control. As the site administrator, you can manage and sell your own frames and art allowing users to see it before they buy it.

We provide you with a full working website; you simply manage and market it.

Your Frames. Your Prices.
Your Online Store.

As a brick-and-mortar frame store, you face several obstacles in making your business successful. The economy is tough, and selling to your neighborhood just isn't generating enough sales. Does that sound about right?

So then, what about a website?

  • A website to sell your framed products online may seem impossible, and it would probably be an expensive project.
  • That's where we come in. Chamton Online has developed an affordable website package that can help you expand your market and sell your framed products online.
  • Try our Demo for an in-depth look.

We can help.

As you're probably aware, this economy has forced businesses to become even more customer-oriented and provide extra value to keep existing customers and capture new ones.

Imagine if your customers could visualize and purchase their finished product online from the convenience of their home. Would that be an added value to your customers? In fact, our picture framing software could allow you to expand your market well beyond your local store.

Chamton Online provides a ready-to-go e-commerce website that lets you sell to anyone with an Internet connection.

  • Customers can use your website to build their frames, then complete their order online
  • Or, as some customers may prefer, they can visit your store for assistance and use your website from there as a visualization tool.
  • One or two frame sales per month can pay for the cost of the website. Anything else is profit!

And if you ever need help with your website, you can contact Chamton Online for expert technical support.

What are you waiting for?

If you haven't already done so, please check out the demo.

While you're doing that, visualize your company logo in the header and your frames and art in the online catalog.

If you have questions, or if you are ready to order, please contact us.

Framing options for your customers

Chamton Online's goal is to provide multiple options for frame sales by allowing online customers to easily customize and purchase product.

  • Custom frame art – selected from the site.
  • See It Framed – for customers that have a piece of art they would like to frame. They can upload an image, select a size, crop, and frame it online then purchase the frame and slide their artwork in when it arrives and hang it on the wall.
  • DIY – if they want to just enter the dimensions of a frame and build it online.
  • Upload and Frame Your Photo – automatically determines whether a customer's uploaded photo can be printed at the requested dimensions. This process actually reads the resolution of the image uploaded and will only offer sizes that can be printed in the resolution set in the admin. This will prevent someone from uploading a low-res camera phone picture and ordering a huge image that wouldn't print well.
  • Custom Mirror Builder – Users can select the size of the mirror they are looking for then take it into the framer and build and add the frame they want then order it online.
  • Alphabet Photography – We have a starter library of image/letters that come with this add-on. From the admin you can create different size options and also add as many letters as you would like. The customer can create up to 2 lines of text using the photos as options for the letters.
  • In-Room View – This allows users, once in the framer, to click view-in-room, and it will take the image they are framing and put it on the wall in one of 3 images provided. The customer will also have an option to take a picture of the wall they want it on, upload it, and visualize the finished artwork on the wall! The admin side will have an option to upload unlimited additional predesigned room images.

There are a lot of other features on the site for promotions, affiliate links, promo codes, newsletter signup, and much much more. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.

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Features for the store owner

Site Administration

Easily control every aspect of your site — from look and feel to product inventory to frame components and pricing calculations.

  • You can set up a newsletter for repeat business, which can be a large portion of your overall sales.
  • You can utilize promotion codes, discount levels, affiliates/referrals and other marketing features, just like you have in your store.

Order management

  • Export to a spreadsheet that you can then import into QuickBooks.
  • Manage order details in a format so the order can be fulfilled easily.
  • All orders are processed through you.
  • What about delivery? You can offer store pickup, or simply ship it to anywhere in Australia.


Customize the look and feel directly from the backend administrative interface.

Check out a real site that the site owners redesigned using the built-in interface:

Initial Setup

  • We set up the website and preload it with Chamton frames and mats you can choose from.
  • We can also preload art offered by Chamton for you to offer users on your site.
  • All you do is promote the website via your standard advertising methods.
  • All of this for a limited time offer of $500 setup and a monthly fee of $100 US


We provide you with unlimited phone and email support for any website problems.